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About Was created to promote and provide Exclusive Bass Fishing Lures that we strongly recommend and have proven to be the best lures available.   Many Bass Fishing Lures are very effective and are talked about and information shared on Fishing Forums and Bait Shops.   Some of those Include the Soft Plastic Worms, Crank Baits, Jigs, Top Water Lures, Split Shot and Texas Rigs, Etc, Etc.  But the Flying Lure by Alex Langer was and is a lure that is Unique with a hook that has been balanced with just the right amount of weight to ensure the perfect fall speed and helps the lure to glide backwords. Provides the Flying Lure by Alex Langer at the best prices and shipping costs.  Our mission is to provide The Best Bass Fishing Lures at the lowest prices, and the best customer service
    Complete Fishing Book by Alex Langer.         Available in Many Colors and Size        One of the Best Bass Lure Ever Made!!
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The Flying Lure by Alex Langer is one of the Best Bass Fishing Lures Ever Made and are know available again!!.   This Lure has been off the Market for over a Decade and Not available in Stores with the exception of Old Kits Found on Ebay from Time to Time.   The Lures are Now Available Again from the same company that indroduced the lure over 25yrs ago.   This Lure is Amazing and is a go to lure when all other lures are not getting bites...   It should be a part of everyone tackle box and comes in a Variety of Colors and Sizes, Including original starer Kits and Individul packs and hooks.

We take pride in selling Exclussive Fishing Lures, that have the best results getting fish to Strike.  When you purchase from all orders are shipped United States Postal Service Fist Class Mail and will Arrive in Your Mail Box within 3-5 Days.
We provide First Class USPS Shipping anywhere in the United States in 3-5 days.
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