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Flying Lure Packs

amazing flying lure 

The Flying Lure by Alex Langer

The #1 Selling Fishing Lure of All Time   

 The Flying Lure is amazing and will trigger multiple strikes on each cast. Suitable for freshwater and most saltwater species.  The key to this bass fishing lure is the amount of weight and flat design that looks, acts, and swims like real bait as it glides away from you.  This flattened tube-style soft plastic has a special jighead that will glide at an angle while sinking underwater, there by reaching fish under weed clumps and boat docks. 

Best Bass Fishing Lures Ever Sold, The Flying Lure by Alex Langer has not been available in stores for over 15 years and is Now Available at  

Original Flying Fishing Lure As Seen on TV