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Flying Lure Info

Amazing Flying Fishing Lures by Alex Langer. We provide the Best Fishing Lures for Freshwater Bass or Salt Water Fish. The Flying Lure by Alex Langer is Amazing and will Trigger multiple Strikes on Each Cast. Same as shown on TV shown 20 years ago and with lots more lures. Also Available in individual size and color packs

Alex Langer's Flying Lure - A Revolution in Fishing

How would you describe an idea so new that until now It hasn't even had a name? An idea that nationally known fishing professionals are confidently calling, "the next revolution in fishing?" It's called the Flying Lure. The Flying Lure has been helping people catch more fish in fresh water and salt water in the USA, in Canada, in Europe and even in Japan.

The Flying Lure is uniquely designed, soft plastic lure that by traditional angling definition swims in the "wrong" direction - away from the angler, and into the fish's hiding place! With existing lure designs, the angler must pull the lure toward himself to give it action; thereby moving it away from whatever fish holding cover he cast it towards. When casting a conventional lure near typical fish holding cover, an angler hopes to tempt a fish into coming out to take his offering. Cast a Flying Lure toward the same cover however, and the lure does exactly what the name implies. It goes into or under the cover — right to where the fish live!

Flying Lure Under Structure

Some notable facts about the Flying Lure:

> Became the all-time best-selling lure in the world.

> The infomercial ran 300+ times per week on national and local TV – just in the USA. Even more worldwide.

> It spawned fishing magazine cover stories internationally.

> Flying Lure demand depleted the worldwide production capacity for some types of hooks.

> The infomercial was named by Advertising Age magazine “Winner, Best Commercial of Any Kind.” Supermodel Cindy Crawford’s Pepsi ad was voted No. 2, something David Letterman made nightly jokes about.

> Disney approached me to write a book and published “Flying Lure Fishing” – which will be available free soon as an updated e-book.

> Set the all-time daily sales record for a fishing lure: over $1 Million in 24 hours on the QVC shopping channel. (Alex appeared on QVC and the Home shopping Network in the USA, Canada and Europe hundreds of times.)

> A popular Dutch rockabilly band actually named itself “The Flying Lures.” Not bad for a Massachusetts kid crazy about fishing!